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‘Outrageous’ is one of my favourite words. In fact it is my favourite word in the English Dictionary. It signifies for me extraordinary, different, out-of-the-box and magnificent all rolled into one. Outrageous living is not just for me; it is for you. In a day when there are many mental health challenges, bad attitudes and negative thinking so pervade the world, don’t you want to be infectious with outrageousness?

Imagine if we spread outrageousness wherever we went, we would have much less hate, anger, sadness and negativity. Bad things will still happen, but how we responded to them will change, and how we turn around those bad things for good will be different, in fact, outrageously different. In current English, ‘unfettered’ typically suggests that someone or something is figuratively ‘unchained’, or unrestrained in progress or spirit. My prayer for you is that you will be unchained in spirit from thoughts about yourself, from words others have spoken over your life, from unhealthy dependence on others and from bad habits that keep you stuck. It takes work, it takes courage and most of all it takes action.

For each day of the month I share a personal insights from my life’s journey and a positive affirmation that will allow you to step into the day with increased purpose and confidence. Then there is something to contemplate, a call to action and an ‘outrageous’ challenge for the day.

If you are serious about grabbing life by the horns then this book is for you–but it takes commitment. After each day I have provided a blank page so that you can write down your thoughts, re-write your affirmation and record your reflections. You are encouraged to repeat these 31 days over the course of three months. By then you would have done 93 days in total and you can be assured you will find changes in your life that you never thought were possible.